05/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Luna Carpet Jingle Invades Wrigley Field (VIDEO)

As if Wrigley Field weren't commercialized enough, Cubs fans now have to endure the sound of Luna Carpet's phone number jingle every time a Cubs player hits a double.

Luna Carpet, known for their ubiquitous 773-202-Luna local television commercial, struck a deal with the Cubs to play the insistent tune over the stadium loudspeaker immediately after every Cubs two-bagger. Fans should expect to hear the song quite a lot this season, according to Team Marketing Report executive editor Jon Greenberg, who broke the story:

The Cubs hit 329 doubles last season _ 152 at home. With Milton Bradley on the roster, that number should go up.

Already Cubs fans are irritated, judging by the letters to Crain's sports blogger Ed Sherman:

"I was at the game on 4/20 and was irritated at the in-game Luna jingle which rudely interrupted my celebration of a go-ahead run scorring play. I was literally jumping up and down in glee until the jingle came on and I said to my friends, 'What the hell is that?' Such a promotion does not belong in our sacred Wrigley Field... .

Sherman forwarded the complaints to the Cubs' sales and promotions director, Matthew Wszolek, who responded that in-game marketing campaigns are nothing new and fans will likely get used to it. And, he reminded aggrieved North Siders, "It's important to note that 100% of what fans see or hear goes to player payroll."