05/31/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011


Today is Stephen A. Smith's last day at ESPN, and quite frankly, the hoops analyst is leaving quite gracefully. Here's Stephen A.'s blog post from his personal site bidding farewell to his now former employer:

My last day at ESPN is May 1. It's been a wonderful, wonderful ride, filled with great accomplishments, great memories and, most importantly, great friendships. It's difficult to express how appreciative I am to everyone at ESPN for all they've done for my career. But nothing lasts forever. It's time to move on.

While my love for sports has never dissipated- of course, I'll never let go of sports- my desire to venture beyond sports into the world of news, politics and entertainment has grown. Where that will take me? Who knows, but you can keep up with me right here on as well as on Twitter to find out! I'll just be moving on with some degree of sadness, remembering all the friends I'll leave behind.