06/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated 4 days ago

Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers Civilian Treatment Sparks Concern (VIDEO)

As the civil war in Sri Lanka between the government and the Tamil Tiger rebel group rages on -- with the army refusing the Tigers' proposed ceasefire -- the most victimized group is civilians caught in the crossfire, according to recently released videos. One report, from Channel4, reveals the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Tamil refugee camp in Vavuniya, which is facing food and water shortages alongside abandoned dead bodies, separated families and even sexual abuses.


Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan Defense Ministry has released another video it claims to have recovered from behind the Tamil Tiger lines that depicts the rebels forcing neutral civilians to work for their cause. From AP:

Video footage captured from Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels showed their fighters forcing civilians to assist their war effort and depicted one insurgent in street clothes firing a heavy machine-gun, the military said Thursday.

The government said the footage, posted on the Defence Ministry website, proves that the rebels have been putting civilians in the line of fire and have shed their military uniforms so they would be mistaken for non-combatants themselves if killed.

Another video, from the Defense Ministry site, shows an interview with a civilian who makes similar claims. It can be viewed here.

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