National Organization For Marriage: New Ad Features "Confused" Children

I think that the people behind this newish ad from panicky gay marriage freakout group National Organization for Marriage intended this to read as some sort of plaintive explication of how being asked to consider the possibility of gay marriage will make children fundamentally confused. This seems weird to me -- after all, it's not the concept of gay marriage that's likely to confuse children, it's homosexuality itself. Seems to me that once you get your kid over that hump, the concept of marriage becomes the easy part. Unless, of course, the child comes from one of the many, many broken homes and failed marriages of heterosexuals. Those are FILLED with confusion and sadness.

Here's the thing, now that these children have gotten a start in the world of commercial television, they'll be able to come to terms with the issue in the same safe, warm, and judgment-free environment that I did: high school drama club. ANOTHER BRILLIANT MANEUVER, NOM!


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