US Army Allegedly Burned Bibles So As Not To Proselytize

Following a report it ran earlier this month regarding evangelical US soldiers in Afghanistan seeking to distribute bibles in Pashtun and Dari, Al Jazeera now reports that those bibles have been confiscated and burned. According to Al Jazeera:

"My understanding is that the [military] leadership confiscated these bibles so that they could not be distributed around Afghanistan, Colonel Greg Julian told Al Jazeera on Wednesday.

"It was their best judgement at the time, that the best way to deal with it, was to destroy them and I understand that they were burnt."

The Al Jazeera report earlier this month is said to have been filmed about a year ago. It shows a small contingent of Bagram Air Force Base soldiers convening for prayer with stacks of the bibles in question. One soldier who is interviewed describes the difference between "proselytizing" and giving gifts as justification for trying to distribute the Bibles.


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