06/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spinal Tap On the Road, But Without The Wigs

The purpose of their costume- and character-free tour, which the trio has called "Unwigged & Unplugged" and which comes to the Beacon Theater in Manhattan on Tuesday and Wednesday, was in part to illustrate that Mr. McKean, Mr. Shearer and Mr. Guest are different from their comic alter egos. They are not the folk-music fogies of "A Mighty Wind" or the small-town theater geeks of "Waiting For Guffman." And they most certainly are not the heavy-metal doofuses they played in the 1984 pseudo-documentary "This is Spinal Tap" and two decades of concerts.

As Mr. Guest said in an interview earlier that day, "You would do a show, and it's loud, and it's a thing, and then you'd go to a grown-up restaurant in real clothes. And that's a necessity, because we aren't those other people."

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