Nigeria Manchester United Fan Kills Rivals After Loss

A Nigerian man was detained following the Barcelona-Manchester United soccer match when he took fanaticism to a new level and plowed a bus into a group of rival fans, killing four and injuring 10 others, the BBC reports. The European Champions League title match, played in Rome this year, is one of Europe's biggest sporting events. And this year, Barcelona took home the title with a 2-0 win, much to the chagrin of United fans, according to the New York Times.

European soccer is closely followed throughout Africa by what are, needless to say, extremely ardent fans. According to the BBC, an Arsenal fan in Kenya hung himself earlier this month after his team lost to Manchester United in the semifinals. And in Rome, at the site of Wednesday's match, an American Manchester United fan mistaken for being British was knifed in the leg, the Guardian reports.

According to a statement from a police spokeswoman in Ogbo, Nigeria, speaking to Reuters, the enraged Manchester fan driving the bus was pushed over the edge at the sight of celebrating Barcelona fans. "The driver had passed the crowd then made a U-turn and ran into them."

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