07/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Department Of Homeland Security Shows Surprising Proficiency In Sex Trade Slang

Via Nerve comes the story of this document, recently obtained by The Smoking Gun, which is apparently from a letter sent by the Department of Homeland Security to Yahoo, "demanding records for a website that is apparently allowing hookers to ply their trade on its pages." The website in question appears to be for some sort of Tijuana brothel, and I'm gathering that DHS' interests here are over a serious matter -- the potential for human trafficking of minors -- and not some more generalized form of "Mexican whore panic." Nevertheless, I am just as taken aback as the next guy to find the DHS' seemingly superfluous flaunting of their fluency with online erotic acronyms.

As Nerve points out: "It completely freaks us out to see these gleeful announcements that condoms are not being used by these prostitutes." True, true. Still, this is precisely the sort of information you are not likely to get from Fodor's: Tijuana Adventure. Your Department of Homeland Security: not afraid to be servicey!

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