07/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Generation Superwomen: Sitting On The Sidelines

I Don't Want To Burn My Bra, But AAARGH!This weekend I sat on the sidelines of the men's soccer game. It was a big deal, and many people were there, young and old--despite the fact that it's a pick-up league in a small town. I went sheepishly, in my dorky tie-dyed t-shirt and muck boots, to cheer my boyfriend on. I sat there, enjoying the grass under my bum, squinting my eyes up at the sun. But I'm not a natural cheerleader. Not only did I play soccer in college, my high school team was ranked third in the state of New York. But in this league, women aren't allowed to play in games (just in practice). Which is fine, I guess. I'm new to the community and am not about to question how people run things in the town. But in truth, I think it's antiquated they don't let women play in games (or even sit on the bench), and it's a big disappointment. After playing in their practices for the past few months, I felt like an equal on the field. Now I feel like someone should give me a good reason why women aren't allowed to play in a casual weekend league where they let men over 60 join in, but I'm too afraid to ask. I guess I'd rather sit on the sidelines and bite my nails, than risk being hated by everyone in the town.

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