07/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Larry David On Conan: My Ex Wanted Me To Die, I Would Sleep With An Anti-Semite (VIDEO)

Larry David went on the "Tonight Show" for the first time last night to promote his new film "Whatever Works," and was hilarious in his usual awkward way. He began by saying he didn't want to come on the show and wished Conan had bailed:

Larry David: Why would I want to have a social encounter in front of millions of people? I don't even like going to lunch with people...How do you do it?

Conan O'Brien: A sad childhood...I need this.

Conan then asked Larry about his divorce, which prompted him to reveal that it was caused by his healthy eating and oral hygiene obsession. "I suspect she wanted me to die, what other reason could there be?" he said. Larry also talked about his current romantic situation saying, "I'm not very discriminating...If I was attracted to an anti-Semite I would sleep with her."

He then revealed that he's "never had an orgasm [he] didn't regret."


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