07/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New iPhone: Mossberg Reviews Latest Model (VIDEO)

AllThingsD's resident gadget expert Walter Mossberg takes a look at the latest in Apple's ever-expanding iPhone product line, including its new operating system. In case you haven't heard, the iPhone's just $99 now.

Mossberg says the new iPhone is an improvement. But for current iPhone owners looking for who want access to newer features, there's another option:

"Current iPhone owners can get an improved product by merely sticking with their existing phones and upgrading to the feature-laden new operating system, which is free (it costs $10 for iPod Touch owners), rather than shelling out at least $199 for the new iPhone 3G S. And many new iPhone buyers can opt for the $99 3G model, which is not only cheaper, but also greatly improved by the new OS 3.0."

Read Mossberg's full review or WATCH:

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