07/26/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Media Matters Responds To Michael Savage Threats, Cyberstalking (VIDEO)

Yesterday, I mentioned that talk radio host Michael Savage had decided to engage in a tidy bit of web-stalking of his critics at Media Matters, threatening to put up the pictures and "pertinent information" of the organization's employees. That seemed to be an odd thing to do! Given the fact that Media Matters has been driving an argument of late, the premise of which was that right-wing media hosts had been trafficking in a sort of speech intended to incite violence and intimidation. It's sort of a bad move for Savage to step up and help prove their point. But that's what he's done, for reasons beyond understanding!

Anyway, the media watchdog has responded with one of their patented mash-up videos, intercutting an appearance Savage made on CNN with statements he's made on his own show. The juxtaposition is pretty striking! On CNN, Savage makes a labored attempt to come across as a perfectly normal guy whose church teachings forbid homosexuality and whose opinions on illegal immigration are in sync with mainstream America. But then, the next minute, on his own show, he's freaking out about "puffy-faced" men kissing. Oh, and he seems awfully threatened about multiculturalism, for some reason, shrieking about burning the Mexican flag.

Anyway, Media Matters doesn't seem too intimidated by this guy and given the fact that he doesn't seem to have any courageous convictions, it's pretty easy to see why.


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