08/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bruno: One Giant Swishy Step Backwards? (VIDEO)

It's no secret we love "That's Gay," Infomania's sketch that skewers the crazy things straight people do re: homosexuality. This week host Bryan Safi pondered if Bruno is bad for gays asking if it takes the movement a "swishy step backwards." He's not the first: David Rakoff wrote a polemic on the subject for Salon in which he said:

"Baron Cohen's Brüno is a gay minstrel, in the most literal sense of the word...He is an open hydrant of empty, venal ignorance, a fame-chasing, grandiose fucktard, all because he is a cockaholic (his term)...Make no mistake: It is gay sex that has made Brüno stupid."

And Rashad Robinson from GLAAD said in a public statement:

"This movie does not unmask stereotypes by showing pictures like that, they enforce them. As someone who sat at the back of a focus group audience outside of Los Angeles, I felt they were laughing at us at times."

Safi's take is different. He thinks Bruno might be "the renegade we gays need now." And that unlike the comedies that came before in which gayness was the butt of the joke, this film uses ignorant Americans as the butt of the joke.


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