08/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Health Care: Canada, France, Israel and U.S.

The health care debate is heating up as reform bills make their way through both the House and Senate. Supporters of a government option point out that Americans pay more per capita for health care than any other developed nation, the bulk of which have adopted some form of publicly funded system. Politicians opposed to adopting a public option cite, some times erroneously, longer waiting times and reduced quality of care in countries like Canada and Great Britain as unacceptable ramification of moving towards universal health care.

Most recently, Republicans have called Canadian doctors to testify before Congress about long waiting times and Conservatives for Patients' Rights, funded by former hospital CEO Rick Scott, has aired an ad featuring horror stories of medical malpractice in Canada.

The Real News Network asked Canadians to shed light on the ad by talking about their own experiences with the Canadian medical system (watch the story below).

The Huffington Post wants to expand the conversation to include all countries with some form of socialized medicine, anywhere from Canada to France to Israel. We are looking for people with experiences receiving care in both the United States and a country with socialized medicine. How did the two systems compare? Were the waiting times in countries with socialized medicine a problem? Were you able to afford coverage while in the United States? Use the form below to tell your story. Those that shed light on both systems of health care will be featured in the days and weeks to come.