08/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wednesday's Late Night Round-Up: Health Care, Sex In Texas, Levi Johnston, And More! (VIDEO)

It's Thursday, people. Just one more day to get through before we're free. Let Wednesday's Late Night Round-Up carry you through to the final day on wings of comedy. Chin up!

Jon Stewart took on the thorny issue of health care reform with some hilarious results. Warning: there are tough times ahead!

Stephen Colbert gave a Tip of his Hat to the state of Texas for once again defying common sense as well as belief in defense of the righteous cause of Creationism.

Conan showed how President Obama's first pitch at the All-Star game was actually much better than it seemed. Hint: it involves a moving target. He also noted that Levi Johnston is not at his most credible when criticizing Sarah Palin's preparedness for President.

Jimmy Kimmel chronicled the continuing absurdity of much of the media coverage on Michael Jackson's death. Viewers are in luck because it involves a funny anecdote from the lovely Rashida Jones.

Jimmy Fallon just made it into the Round-Up today with a shot at Bill Clinton.

Fly with this video!


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