08/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Use A Solar Cooker

Solar Cookers have revolutionized food preparation around the globe.

Planet Green's Sam Grover describes his Dos and Don'ts of Using a Solar Cooker.

Take your time: Solar cookers take time to warm up, and they don't reach very high temperatures. (I've gotten mine to 340 degrees on a clear, warm day.) They are ideal for crock-pot type recipes that can cook for a long time. Because of the low temps and lack of air circulation, food is unlikely to dry out or burn.

Whether you are deciding between Treehugger's lineup of the best solar cookers, Planet Green's DIY solar box cooker, or the Kyoto Box, a $6.60 cardboard solar oven that recently won the Forum for the Future's Global Competition For Innovation, solar cookers are now easily available.

Check out this solar cooker which is made from an old satellite dish and reused CDs. The oven heats up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch YahooVideo's instructional video on how to turn a pizza box into a solar oven. Watch this video about the Kyoto Box Solar Cooker.