08/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jeopardy! Does Magazines: How Many Can You Get Right? (VIDEO)

Monday's "Jeopardy!" featured "Magazines" among its categories.

  • $200: In 1967 John Lennon appeared on the cover of the first issue of this music magazine
  • $400: Warren Buffett topped this mag's 2008 list of billionaires; Mayor Bloomberg was its most powerful billionaire in 2009
  • $600: The name of this food magazine is a french phrase often said before dining
  • $800: This mag now distributed with the Sunday paper debuted in 1941, subtitled "The Weekly Picture Newspaper"
  • $1000: "Life Made Easier" is the motto of the magazine called "Real" this

Hint: Of the five answers, two refer to Condé Nast publications (though probably not the ones you think of when you envision the Condé cafeteria) and one is a Time Inc. brand, while the remaining two are magazines from publishers that aren't quite as large as those conglomerates but whose brands are well-known (and highly associated with a single, public face).

Can you guess all five questions? Watch below and share your score in the comments.

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