08/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Merle Hazard Sings 'Bailout' (VIDEO)

In his latest video, the satirical country singer Merle Hazard tackles the bailout. The song seems to be based on "Convoy," C.W. McCall's 1975 ode to the world of trucking.

In case you haven't heard any of Hazard's other tunes, on his web site Hazard describes this way: "Merle Hazard is perhaps best known for his songs about the credit crisis. He is the first and only country singer to write about mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, and physics." (Not a bad combination of accomplishments).

In the video, Hazard pretends to have a direct cell phone conversation with Ben Bernanke:

"So the $100 billion we gave Cit and BofA wasn't enough? 10-4. Ben, keep printing!"


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