09/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Marina Fanouraki: Greek Woman Denies Setting Stuart Feltham On Fire For Sexual Harassment

A 26-year-old Greek woman in Crete appeared in court Friday for allegedly setting Stuart Feltham, a British tourist, on fire in response to his drunken sexual advances, the BBC reports. The woman, identified by the media as Marina Fanouraki, claims that she only splashed her drink in Feltham's face after he had fondled her, and then she walked away, only to hear cries begin behind her, according to the BBC report. According to her lawyer, "he [Feltham] fondled my client's breasts and buttocks and she poured her drink over him and left. Shortly afterward she heard cries and saw her friends trying to extinguish him."

But, according to SKY News:

Stuart Feltham allegedly exposed himself to Marina Fanouraki, provoking her to pour Sambuca over his genitals and flick a lighter on.

But Feltham's furious father Ian denies her account, claiming the stranger simply approached his son out of the blue before hurling an accelerant on him.

Fanouraki faces assault charges of inflicting "grievous bodily harm", AFP reports, due to the allegations that she lit Feltham on fire after dousing him in alcohol. According to AFP, the incident is part of a larger trend of drunken mishaps in the tourist-driven area.

Excessive drinking and poor-quality alcohol frequently cause incidents between locals and Britons on Crete and other popular island destinations such as Corfu and Rhodes.

Last week, two British tourists were beaten up in Malia after one of them crashed a motorcyle into a local supermarket.

According to the BBC:

The story has made national headlines in Greece, where some have hailed the woman as a heroine.

Mr Feltham's parents have insisted reports their son sexually harassed the woman were "absolute nonsense".

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