09/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Right Wing Rhetoric on Health Care: A Page from Last Century's Playbook

These days, Rush Limbaugh's talk compares Obama to Hitler, health care to Nazi Germany, Democrats to socialists. He has excited well organized followers to take that message to the public venue. They show up at Congressional town halls across the country. At the least, they hold signs outside that read "Obama is a socialist. It's a bit more serious when they shout down others who are trying to speak. At the worst, they draw a swastika on Congressional offices which is what happened to the office of Representative David Scott of Georgia.

This rhetoric is not new. It dates back to 1915 - the first time the government considered health care reform. Since people started to organize in favor of heath care, opponents have stirred up hateful opposition, inducing Americans' fears of communism, fascism, and socialism.

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