09/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

India: Man Arrested On Polygamy Allegations

Tushar Waghmare, an airline engineer in Mumbai, has been arrested for polygamy after one of his six wives discovered he was married to another woman, the BBC reports.

The Times of India reports that Waghmare was married to 14 women, with five registering complaints and the remaining nine holding off to prevent damaging their reputations.

Waghmare lost his job at Air India after the arrest.

Waghmare registered with a marriage agency, saying he was divorced and looking for working women, the Times of India reports.

Police officials told the TOI that none of the women or their families had done any background checks on him before marrying him.

Investigators also said they had been contacted by Air India who is conducting an internal investigation into allegations Waghmare sexually harassed female employees while he worked at the airline.

BBC reports that Waghmare complained to journalists about differing laws for Hindus and Muslims in India.

A Law Commission report was presented to the Indian government in mid-August expressing the view that the "traditional understanding of Muslim law on polygamy is gravely faulty" and in conflict with Islamic law, the Indian Express reported.

The All-India Muslim Personal Law Board complained about the report, saying that Muslim Personal Law is not under the control of the Law Commission.

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