10/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Weekend Late Night Round-Up: Trump's Hair, Schwarzenegger's Garage Sale, KFC's Grossness, And More! (VIDEO)

Hi everybody! I've been gone for awhile, I know, but now that the weather has begun to cool down I can return to the warm embrace of the Late Night Round-Up. Our beloved comics have had a restful August and are ready to serve up some lip-smacking late night jokes to you, readers.

They all return to the airwaves tonight, but some were so eager they simply had to start last week. Letterman, Conan and Kimmel are featured today, and it's a fine appetizer that leaves us hotly anticipating the full comedic buffet when the rest of our heroes return tonight.

So, to the jokes! Did you know that California is so broke it held a garage sale? Seriously, the state threw the contents of its attic onto the front yard and begged people to buy it. Conan and Kimmel tackle this garage (fire?) sale, and there is nothing quite so awesome as Conan's Schwarzenegger impression.

Letterman, poor fellow, had to take a second job because of the Walmart. We must say he has the height to pull off their trademark vest, but the color does not suit him at all.

It's fantastic to be back, and we look forward to enjoying a gorgeous and funny fall (ugh, fine, autumn) with all of you.


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