11/12/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tea Party Crowd Drowns Out CNN Reporter During Live Report (VIDEO)

During a live report from Capitol Hill during the Washington D.C. tea party protest, the crowd drowned out CNN reporter, Lisa Desjardins.

At the beginning of the segment, the CNN anchor warned: "Just to forewarn our audience there just might be some yelling..."

There was. As Desjardins attempted to give her report, the crowd chanted "tell the truth" and "go home, CNN." After the anchor suggested Desjardins "give it one more shot," the group united in a loud chorus of "Glenn Beck! Glenn Beck!"

Finally, Desjardins turned to the crowd, and said, "I want to ask you all a question." After a few moments, they quieted down enough for her to ask: "What do you think of Congressman Joe Wilson?" The crowd cheered, then chanted, "Way to go, Joe."