11/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tina Fey On Miley Cyrus: "Working The Pole Is A Rite Of Passage" (VIDEO)

Tina Fey proved she's just as funny off-camera when she had the whole room in stitches during her post-Emmys press conference. The reporter perhaps thought he was throwing Fey a curveball by asking her about Miley Cyrus' stripper pole dance and young women "sexualizing themselves." Fey batted it right back:

Fey: I only saw it on the internet. I can't believe I have an opinion about this. I thought she was just hanging onto the pole to not fall off the ice cream cart. It didn't seem dirty to me. It seemed like a technical safety device.

Questioner: So how do you feel about young woman, teenagers, sexualizing themselves.

Fey: I think working the pole is a rite of passage in Western culture that we can expect all our daughters to pass.

Another hilarious moment comes at the end when Fey accidentally gives out co-star Jane Krakowski real hotel room number.


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