11/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: Honda Unveils Electric Unicycle U3-X (PHOTOS)

**See photos and video below**

Honda Motor Co. has just unveiled the U3-X electric unicycle, a silver, futuristic device that looks like a cross between a Segway and a hand-held vacuum.

The unicycle is intended for commuters and the elderly.

"And if my legs get a little weak, I would like to have one of these around the house. It makes it easy to move about," said Honda's President, Takanobu Ito, at the unicycle's release.

Honda also suggested the unicycle could be used by "people going on an outing together or a teenager performing stunts."

A Examiner article describes the device's features:

The U3-X is self-balancing, and uses the same technology as Honda's astronaut-like biped robot ASIMO, according to the company. The U3-X can essentially move in any direction, based on a simple and intuitive method of how the user shifts their weight. Lean forward to move forward, lean back to go back.

The unicycle can putter along at a top speed of 3.7 mph, and has a battery life of about one hour.


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