11/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck's Tweets -- Post-Modern Poetic Genius Or Apocalyptic Rantings Of A Madman: You Decide

In between crying, laughing, criticizing government spending, attacking czars, scribbling theories on chalkboards, going on comedy tours and more crying, Glenn Beck likes to tweet his innermost thoughts and random brainfarts.

Here are some of Beck's most compelling tweets, arranged in reverse chronology and in the form of an epic poem.

They're either an example of post-modern lyrical genius or the apocalyptic rantings of a madman (or both). You decide:

Kids BHO songs were set to battle hymn and Jesus loves the little children. Parents unite & remember no Xmas carols!

Was at the Statue of liberty & then at West Point last nite. America is waking 2 Honor, Courage & duty. Soon we will become post partisan.

Please remember us as well as all in DC and our country in prayers.Protect us from an 'Emergency'.Turn back to Him.It was the secret of 9/12

Pray for peace. Pray for protection on all. Pray for our republic. Pray for more time. Rep/dems and Indy band together, stand for founders

I admit bush was bad in many ways. Warned at the time of fascism. I warned then that he was in with global corps.when will U echo yourself?

Friends and I laughing at left tweets: Orwell would have hated me b/c of big gov bush. Any thoughts about now? I admit bush

Convinced that those on right that preach that dems are enemy are wildly wrong. Radical revolutionary left is the enemy. Unite with dems.

"You have enemies?Good.That means you've stood up 4 something, sometime in your life."-Winston Churchill

Oh, by the way: OLIGARH? Really? You are so predictable... don't miss the open.

TODAY marks the end of the SILENT transformation. AMERICA PIVOTS back to sanity. Tell EVERYONE you know to watch tonight. Enough is Enough.

Tons of you waking. A ton more sending me threats. No-pushback on facts.2morrow:O's army. Friday:the way to stop them.spread the word. Gnite

haters are out in force.I love all the 'you're crazy' comments.Freedom of speech? No. Medicate, silence, ridicule those you hate.O's1984

spending day with kids and painting. Lots of painting. Ouch, the left won't like the O/GE inspired painting or the one called "astroturf".

have made VERY powerful people VERY angry.They have tried to cover their tracks.They have failed.Will expose and ask 4 your help VERY soon

Thank you for the prayers. I feel them. There is reason for great hope. Be better than the real mobs.Smarter, quieter and never quit.STAND!

UPDATE: Love thy enemy - doesn't mean love what they do or let them do it. It means Hate is a tool that will fail. We MUST be good 2B great

1.Question with Boldness. 2.Hold to the Truth 3. Speak without fear.We are in grave danger.Read Common Sense.Danger from both sides.QUESTION

Tried 4 4th time to go to the MOMA in NYC. Had 2 wait in line for Free ticket.Couldn't wait.Wouldn't let me buy.Soon-this will be 4 bandaids

Took the day off yesterday to sit in TR park with my wife and just talk. B4 we knew it 2 hours had passed. Perfect day.Next play Baseb w/Rph

PRAY FOR PEACE. Pray for wisdom. Pray for our country to turn back to God.I am an imperfect voice, many others rising. Please find YOURS.

Another week begins.PRAY as never b4. CRY OUT for protection on our country, her people and her leaders.PRAY 4 peace & more time.MLK/GHANDI

Onway to church.The more I don't want to go, the more I know He will effect me in a positive way.BTW: were there 10Th tea in Columbus Ytrday

Personal: Kids are napping, went swimming, saw Dr. put kids down, checking "BARKS", mapping week, read then put puzzles together with kids

Be not afraid, they are all fear and intimidation. If you base yourself in TRUTH and PEACE - they cannot win. ONE IMPORTANT THING: ...

Shadows are always darkest when the light is at its brightest. Shadows are not real and darkness does not understand the light. All is well

Predictable. I told you many things this week that no one else is willing to say.This was the least damning to them.FIND YOUR VOICE & Stand

Our future will only be as bright as our faith.KNOW THIS.I don't know how much of the country will be living it, BUT THE CONST.WILL STAND!

I am tired this morning.Crazy that it is only tuesday.America is working more and more but the lack of c.sense is what really wears me out.

More on Transformers: Thought Spielberg would have known better.R we just getting old?BTW: GI JOE? HASBRO sells out.INSULT 2 Marines.GLOBAL?

TONS OF THIS:How the f=+k do you support right to life and still love guns? And still be able to put god in this retarded equation? F*&k you

just saw transformers.1st:can any of the women wear more clothes than a stripper?Two:LA looked like NYC;Wow,walk from petra 2 Giza? who knew

Boe -fee (G.Shepard)is great!Victor and B. were made for each other. They have already taken a nap together nose to nose after kill training

How many now are seeing what I am seeing? Amazing how no one would listen 2 yrs ago.Now only those who see a donkey or Elephant remain blind

?:What is getting harder 4U? A:Looking @the Abyss.Knowing that it has a head start.xpose and be accurate, keep family safe while urging calm

Going now to get our new Shepard. Victor is very excited. :) Keep us in your prayers. Lots to share with you.

Just got back from a demolition derby. Haven't been to one since I was a kid. I never thought I would say this but I miss small towns.

Today, I wrote, played zingo with the kids. Chased them with silly string. Went over to a good friends home, ate burgers and laughed a lot.

Reading xtreme leftist call 2arms:"revolution does not spread by contamination but by resonance."So true-so evil.I'll Share upon return Mon.1:41 PM Jul 9th from web

Idaho falls Saturday. Common sense comedy plus whatever else is on my mind. $20 ALL proceeds for local law enforcement. Can't wait to see u

Don't know what I give back. I think we are much a like. We give each other hope. That the good guy wins in the end. It is true-Good guysW!

Went fishing with the best man I know.Taught me to have a long term view. Taught me how to forgive, how to stay healthy and trust but verify

been thinking 'in the real world'.Easy to think:THIS TOO SHALL PASS.I am not sure who is better off: Those who know or those believe. U?

C's rash is gone all fine. My health problems are in line and I am relaxed for the first time. Sat in twin falls for charity stage show.

White buffalo couldn't nurse with it's mom for some reason. After much trouble got baby to cow. Rare that she took. Indians did ceremony.kwl

Lots of fish ?s.first time fly f. No one lost an eye. Released. Do have photos will post on return. Caught in Idaho. Staying in Utah.

Back in the mountains. Went to a friends house today. He showed me a baby white buffalo and taught me how to fly fish. Caught 6.5lb rtrout

In the air, meeting a friend who has convinced himself he can teach me how to fly fish. Adam is with invade someone loses an eye.

watching 7 brides for 7 brothers.The girls and I may hang ourselves.Does anyone remember 'here come the brides'?Movie makes me pine4bsherman

Many offended: No, the children shouldn't have addressed the world.Dad had them under butterfly masks. You think now it's okay to see them?

Urgent: 8:32 Mountain time ... Micheal Jackson still dead. Many still not saying: "gee, I don't think I would have let the children speak"

We need to become the adults. What would our grandparents say about MJ? Worse yet, what will history write about us and what we focused on?

I had a problem with Anna Nicole smith but this is insanity! Who is not aware our country is on fire?for those that need it: MJ still dead.

Watched one of my favorite movies with my oldest daughters: my favorite year with Peter O'Toole. Relaxed for the 1st te in months. No news.

Going to play catch with kids and then ride bikes. No better question than"daddy come play with me"especially when you can respond:coming!

Sorry for confusion. Painting landscapes this week while out west. Painting GW back home. Giving it to good friend to auction for charity.

Started to paint today.Landscapes.Haven't painted them in over a year.Been working on one of GWashington called Truth&Deceit.PIC Soon.

Vacation from Hell?C's face is all puffy today.She looks like me after a week with candy.Tania has her first migraine.Watched Fountainhead:O

C saw dr. No worries. Just watch. Back to the woods.

C sat up from dead sleep. Pointed and said"daddy what's that?"I told her what the dr uses to check your eyes".okay and right back to sleep

Starving.C is still asleep hugging me.Thought about eating the cotton balls.Raphe almost did last ccandy in hand&b.cotton in ears

Yday went to store with daughter. Only lasted 4 minutes before having to leave.sec wouldn't let me attend church 2day so others could enjoy

I am seeing people moved like chess pieces.When we become willing pawns, He will move us where He needs us.Others will be blind 2 checkmate

Clear now on JUST STAND WHERE HE NEEDS YOU TO STAND. Many moves that others make or that you will make may seem odd. Follow the inner voice

On my way to vacation now. Kids asleep in the car. Tania asleep as well. Art supplies in the trunk. Planning on doing some painting.

Only in America can Glenn Beck be on the same stage as the Jonas brothers. The 13 year old screams are making my ears bleed. :)

We have less to fear from small band of subversives than from the uniformed, the self seekers and the disinterested. Goodnight.

Will work on ACTION.Reading their playbooks.Founder lovers are WAY behind.Study tactics and learn to counter and use their momentum against.

The book is called the coming insurrection. Writers jailed in FR.It is from communists and radical left in France. They are here already.

Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times. Been pondering lately. Are we seeking real k?do we use our wisdom?difference?

feeling okay 2day.driving under GW down and 70 degrees.Damn this global warming.On way to fox n of flag burning.

BURNED THE FLAG, as a CEREMONY. It was done by the state police color guard.It was done by a precision team.AMAZING.Not some lefty thing.:)

currently watching david and goliath with the kids. Arrogance and size will always decide ones ultimate fate.

had a july 4th party at my house yesterday. We retired and burned our flag. It was amazing and moving. I will try to post some video.

I am feeling better tonight. Nervous about going to sleep because I don't want to feel sick again tomorrow am.3 docs in 3 days.Will find it.

Someone suggested a 'silent retreat'. Wow. I think I would love that.Just to the woods by yourself or maybe a drive along the Argentine cst?

Michael Jackson is dead. The only huge celeb I have ever seen die where the jokes started RIGHT AWAY.Sad.So much talent.Hopefully now happy.

Doctors telling me to slow down.Don't know what's going on yet, but I know I internalize too much.How do you stop caring abt what U believe?

On a plane coming back home. Big family event today. Missed abc. Have to watch tonight. Disappointed in Sanford. Is anyone decent?

on our way to Tania's fathers house. Amazing that I am now at the age where after he is gone, my generation is the oldest. Time flies.

I don't ever wish to freeze time as life is always getting better. I do wish I could freeze the age of my children.

Don't know why I am rooting for people on street in Iran. The other guy is just as corrupt. It is the illusion of freedom.Too close to C.

How empty is your life when you follow those you hate?

Just woke up. I guess I have been waking up for a while. Want to go back to sleep but can't now that I am 'awake'. Too much work to do.

someone just wrote: A lot waking but not doing anything-a long way to go.TRUE.Milk b4 meat.It will happen fast.PRAY 4insight,courage,peace.

Haven't felt well all day. Don't know what's wrong. Just need sleep. Worst time of day ... night. I sometimes wish I could stop thinking

the older I get, the harder it is to sleep. If this keeps up by the time I'm 70, I will sleep from 4:11 to 4:13. Sometimes I hate nite.

lots of ?s about what can people to to prepare. A: Learn to think the unthinkable. Imagine no one else to depend on. WHAT WILL YOU NEED?

Since you asked. It was microphone tape, not a band-aid that has attached to my neck. Too much sweat prevented it from sticking; me sweat?

We are the same. $ and fame mean nothing. We both struggle with being our best self. Failed this week. U?Hurts to be human.

the best and worst thing about being me? People are giving me M&M's as gifts. Do you know how bad it is to be left alone with 5lb bag?

Chocolate--Joe's drinking orange juice with his shake--freak

mmmm...just sitting down at 11:30 to drink a super-sized milk shake--Stu wouldn't join me--he's anti-chin

Memorial day. Raphe and I lowered the flag. Family went to hometown parade. Played in the fire trucks and had hotdogs at the firehouse.

BTW: Hated this idea friday. ADDICTED Monday. Feel like we're with each other. Weird. Good? Bad? Just is.

Inky, Blinky and Stinky. 3 mice and the Isle of Cheese. A story I wrote for my older kids, became new again. the magic hasn't changed.

Just got back from Church. God is Amazing and so personal. Answers I have been looking for, coming from others. Amazing. Just amazing.

Finishing the phantom public. Frightening pages. Listening to my children out of their beds acting out story I told them. They renew me.

People shopping in my hometown today. Thank Gd. I have thought of the small biz man, like my father was, a lot. good to see ppl in town.

Wow. I just saw Terminator. I loved it and so did Tania. As we left someone said 'not as good as hoped". WE LOVED IT. NON STOP.

I just had 40 pounds of the best rib-eye delivered to the television set--curious? See you at 5!

just got furniture for my new office. i hate it already. am i the only one with constant buyer's remorse? be it a car or dinner.

I've been thinking about it more, so I wanted to clarify. I don't LOVE fish, I just like it.

I like fish

we're all going to die. Soon.

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