11/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bob Dylan And Citigroup? New Album Released Early To Citibank Customers

First it was an eerie and disturbing commercial with Victoria's Secret, now it's an album tie-in with a bailed-out mega-bank. Reuters reports that Bob Dylan will release his new album early to Citibank customers. In Reuters' words, it's a promotion that "would have been unimaginable during the singer's 1960s protest years."

Citibank customers who participate in the bank's rewards programs will be able to download Dylan's forthcoming "Christmas In The Heart" -- yes, its a Christmas album -- one week before the album's release date on October 13. (NOTE: Sony's website lists the release date as October 6, while Bob Dylan's own site says it will be out October 13.)

In case you were beleaguered by overdraft fees, or Citigroup's $45 million bailout, rest easy. Citgroup may have thrown customers a very meager bone (just in time for Christmas, no less). From Citigroup's press release:

"Aligning with industry pioneer, Sony Music Entertainment, reinforces our commitment to providing our members with unique and rewarding experiences," said Nancy Gordon, executive vice president, Citi's ThankYou Network. "This relationship gives our members virtually instant access to one of the most important music collections in history, in addition to promotional offers involving some of the most exciting artists in the recording industry. And it's a great opportunity for members to use very few points to get a reward that has such a broad and passionate appeal among consumers."

If the idea of a Bob Dylan Christmas album wasn't hilarious enough -- has some early track releases here -- the prospect of Dylan benefiting from a TARP bank may just be too much too bear. Thankfully, Dylan will be giving all of his proceeds from the record to charity.

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