11/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Vail Woman Fends Off Bear From Bedroom With Pillow

Summer may be over, but Colorado bears are far from hibernating. The slew of close encounters between bears and humans in Colorado has prompted the Division of Wildlife to euthanize at least 9 bears this year, according to an AP report on September 11.

The Vail Daily News reports that at least two more bears, a mother and cub, were put down recently after they invaded a Vail home, chowed down on some left-over barbecue and followed Vail resident Sally Rebehn into her bedroom. According to the Daily News, Rebehn was able to ward off the bears using only a decorative pillow from her bed before police arrived and chased the Mother bear and her cubs away.

From the Vail Daily News:

"I turned around and it was so odd, your brain takes a while to register," said Rebehn, who lives with her son's family in Intermountain. "No way I thought there would be bear in the bedroom. It's kind of like when you think you're about to drink a glass of water and it's a glass of milk.

In accordance with Department of Wildlife policy, officials euthanized the mother and one cub who entered the house. Two cubs that did not enter the house were relocated.

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