12/01/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Suang Puangsri Lives With 4,600 Scorpions (VIDEO)

A man In Thailand, Suang Puangsri, has some unusual housemates: 4,600 scorpions. In the video, they appear to be living loose on the floor of his house, in a slight dirt pit. And they don't just lie there! Puangsri strokes them, picks them up, even puts them in his mouth. Dangerous? He has been stung so many times he's developed an immunity.

The arrangement is one of atonement -- Puangsri explains how he is trying to make up for years of breading them to sell to restaurants. "I felt scared about my sin, because I had been selling them for quite a long time." His wife is apparently comfortable with their new housemates: "I feel good about what he's doing." She says, "I didn't like it when he made the scorpions suffer"

Puangsri is hoping to set a world record for time spent with a scorpion in his mouth.

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