03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Halderman's Lawyer, Gerald Shargel: Case 'Makes No Sense, Want To Cross-Examine Letterman' (VIDEO)

Gerald Shargel, lawyer for Joe Halderman, the CBS News producer accused of blackmailing David Letterman over sexual indiscretions, defended his client vigorously on the Today Show this morning, telling host Ann Curry that "the prosecution's case in so many ways makes no sense."

Curry pressed Shargel over the mounting evidence that the police claim to have amassed during a sting operation in which Halderman took possession of a fake $2 million check. Shargel insisted that these points "only take on significance by looking at the surrounding circumstances":

What this trial will be about, it will be all about the surrounding circumstances. Motives, intent. It's not only the motive and intent and conduct of Joe Halderman, it's the motive, intent and conduct of David Letterman as well. As I've said, I look forward to cross-examining Letterman.

Shargel is not clear in how he will make the motive, intent and conduct of Letterman relevant, but the prospect of the late night host being cross-examined during a trial is sure to fan the flames of this story further.