03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated 4 days ago

Wanda Sykes Defies CBS Boycott, Appears On 'Leno' To Talk Twins, Roman Polanski, And Legalizing Marijuana (VIDEO)

Despite an informal boycott from ABC and CBS stars, Wanda Sykes appeared on Jay Leno's show last night and talked about her new twin babies, the economy, Roman Polanski and legalizing marijuana.

The "New Adventures of Old Christine" star has strong feelings about Governor Schwarzenegger's plan to legalize marijuana saying it's stupid to think that will increase productivity. "How many pot heads do you know with a to do list?" She asked. Instead, Wanda suggested he legalize cocaine which would make everyone work around the clock and help in the fight against global warming because everyone would run to work. Sykes also addressed the state of the economy saying, "Illegals are complaining that Americans are taking their jobs...I saw a white man mowing his own lawn."

Wanda and Jay went on to talk about Roman Polanski, who the comedienne says made films that "aren't that good." She questioned Hollywood stars rallying around the director: "Does this mean Spielberg can go on a rampage?"


After the break, Wanda was forced to "earn her plug" by bowling with Jay so that he would mention her upcoming HBO special. She tried to play the race card to get out of it, but it didn't work.


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