03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Canstruction Builds Art For Food Banks

Architects, engineers, and students in 130 cities are competing this fall to design and build giant sculptures made entirely from cans of food. Canstruction, a series of city-wide contests hosted by the Society for Design Administration, dares artistically inclined do-gooders to shape thousands of cans of donated food into larger than life toasters, snakes and cityscapes.

Teams can spend as much as three months constructing one of these aluminum behemoths and the results will be on display to the public to admire with the encouraged admission fee of a few cans of food. After the public showings, the art pieces are dismantled and donated to local food banks for distribution to emergency feeding programs that include pantries, soup kitchens, elderly and day care centers.

Canstruction has donated ten million pounds of food since it was launched in 1992. If you have a hankering to check out or participate in one of these amazing construction projects , you can (couldn't help it) check out the competition website for a list of upcoming events.

Competitions in New Orleans, Dallas and Los Angeles are already underway.

For a preview of what you're in for and to learn more about how to get involved, check out this video of the 2008 Los Angeles competition: