03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Homeless in New York City: Meet Rashid (VIDEO)

Homelessness is a mounting issue that more and more Americans face each day. It is through sharing individual stories of those affected that we can become more compassionate and proactive about making a difference.

Rashid was a construction worker for 23 years in New York City. On September 11, he arrived at the World Trade Center at 9:28 in the morning and spent the next four years working on the cleanup efforts at Ground Zero.

Today, he suffers from chronic heart failure and has taken up residence in a homeless shelter. Shelter meals consist mainly of TV dinners, but Rashid appreciates the home-cooked touch of meals provided by churches and charitable organizations. He goes to Columbia University for computer usage, and is trying to, in his own words, rebuild his life and get on his feet. Despite the tragedies and trials he's endured, Rashid remains optimistic and hopeful.

Meet Rashid:

Rashid from on Vimeo.

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