03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The "End The Fed" Rap Song By Sleuth (VIDEO)

Ever heard the phrase "the medium is the message"? In the case of the rap in "End The Fed," the anti-Federal Reserve music video below, the medium is actually, well, distracting. (Via Reason)

An artist named Sleuth has hit YouTube with a song that mixes classical economics theory, the politics of Ron Paul and even a reference to economist and housing expert Robert Shiller.

The song also ventures into the fringe with terms like "Nazi-Pelosi" (referring to Nancy Pelosi) and "Obama-umism." It also seems have more than a bit of vague antisemitism. (Check out the shot of George Soros as Presidential puppeteer)

More from the song:

"End the Fed, End the Fed

Coin gold and silver when the Fed is dead

A free market money that the founders meant

the best way to reign in the government"

Or take, for example, lines like these: "In the old days they had a bowl of dust, these days we have a belt of rust."


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