American Values Network Makes Religious Case For Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

A new television ad released by the American Values Network makes a religious appeal for health care reform in a new ad. The progressive faith group, led by Hillary Clinton's former faith outreach director, uses the thousands of people who waited in line for free health care in Los Angeles this August to make their case.

"For eight days in August, thousands of uninsured Americans waited to receive treatment at a free health clinic." In Los Angeles County, where an estimated 22% of working-age adults lack health insurance, an overwhelming number of adults made their way to a free health care clinic providing free care from volunteer doctors and dentists. These visitors are "not numbers or statistics," the ad says. "They are God's children and they have a face."

"While politicians bear false witness, they wait... While special interests reap the profits of fear, they wait." For the American Values Network, health insurance reform is not a political or partisan debate, but an issue of faith.

"Our new ad reminds us all why we began the debate in the first place: our neighbors are suffering and our current system must be reformed," the group says.


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