03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Barnes & Noble E-Reader: First Pictures Leaked (PHOTOS)

As we reported before, the "e-reader wars" are going to be heating up given that book retailer Barnes and Noble's new, branded e-reader is looming on the horizon.

The release of Barnes and Noble's e-book reader is likely to intensify the competition between's Kindle and Sony's E-Reader, especially given some attractive product features offered by the Barnes and Noble reader.

Gizmodo writes about the forthcoming device:

The layout will feature a black and white e-ink screen like the Kindle has--and a multitouch display like an iPhone underneath other.

According to a Barnes and Noble rep, the e-book reader will be manufacturer by Plastic Logic and will feature a color screen approximately the size of a paperback book.

Check out some of the first pictures of the Barnes and Noble ereader, which Gizmodo reports should be released next week.

Barnes and Noble E-Reader

See Gizmodo for more info and photos.

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