03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Homeless-Inspired Sheets Bring Street Into The Bedroom

Dutch By Design, a UK-based modern home goods company, is offering The Home Duvet, a comforter cover, emblazoned with the screen-print of a weathered cardboard box, complete with duct tape detailing. A pillowcase set completes the look. The pattern's popularity has resulted in its being on back-order on the company site. The company is releasing a second print that is patterned after gritty sidewalk pavement.

Proclaiming that the duvet "lets you sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless person doesn't have to" can be called classless or chalked up to British cheekiness, but it's certainly cause-minded. Thirty percent of the profits from the sale of the sheets benefit Centrepoint, a UK charity that benefits homeless youth ages 16 to 25. Centrepoint houses and supports over 800 homeless young homeless people every night. The organization is planning a sleepout for November 12 where supporters give up their beds and take to the streets to gather support and funds.

What do you think? It certainly heightens awareness of the dire sleeping arrangements of the homeless by bringing the streets directly (and ironically) into the bedroom.