03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Greenville, NC Locals Rally Against Cancer With Dinner And Auction

It's the local stories of cities and communities coming together for a shared cause that resonate the most here at Impact. Beau's Buddies Cancer Fund's second annual dinner and auction, which gathered hundreds from Greenville, North Carolina, is no exception. Boasting a live auction of gifts, jewelry, trips and services donated by local companies and individuals, the event showed that goodwill isn't dampened by a tight economy.

Beau's Buddies Cancer Fund provides the families and patients facing the challenges of cancer with much-needed services and support. The fund also aids cancer research in eastern Northern Carolina medical centers.

For example, gas cards and Wal-Mart cards totaling $10,000 have been purchased for financially needy cancer patients, while chemotherapy chairs and special scales were donated to East Carolina University's Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center. A golf cart for East Carolina University's Oncology clinic was donated to make transportation for children undergoing chemotherapy easier, while DVD players and movies will provide the patients of a local children's hospital with entertainment.

The organization's members have all been affected by cancer, directly or through a loved one. A founding member of the board of directors, Dr. John Gibbs, has now battled liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer, twice:

"I treated thousands of patients before, but now, when I look at the disease process after being a patient myself, I see that there is a medical aspect of treatment and a psychological and emotional aspect to treatment," Gibbs said, pointing to his heart. "I've started to learn that the heart is as important as the medicine, particularly with a disease like cancer."

You can make a donation to Beau's Buddies Cancer Fund here. Read more stories from friends and family members of cancer survivors and fighters here.