03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck Rants About Serving Kids Vegetarian Food, Bizarrely Praises PETA, Screams At Al Gore For Not Eating Tofurkey (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, in more bizarre, nonsensical ranting that has become Glenn Beck's M.O., the Fox News anchor jumped on a story about the UK climate chief stating that not eating meat was better for the planet.

Beck proceeds to interpret this as though he'll somehow be personally forced to stop eating meat. He then becomes horrified about the "indoctrination" of school children in Baltimore, which has instituted a Meatless Monday lunch program. The "controversy" of serving vegetarian food in schools has also been described by Lou Dobbs as a "political storm in the making".

He then praises PETA for its consistency on climate change policy (though it is an animal rights organization) and demands that Al Gore put down his cheeseburgers.

Beck also promises a full hour devoted to the Copenhagen climate talks on Friday and how it will mean the end of American sovereignty. We can hardly wait.


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