03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Avalanche: 19-Year Old Man Survives Avalanche Near Copper Mountain (VIDEO, VOTE)

A 19-year-old man from Eagle County was injured in an avalanche in Summit County on Halloween as he was back-country skiing on Bartlett Peak between Copper Mountain and Leadville with two friends.

The Denver Channel reports:

The teen's friends, including one who made it down the slope safely, said they saw the skier make five or six turns before an avalanche broke about 50 feet above him and carried him to the bottom.

He was buried up to his neck, but his friends quickly ran over and dug him out.

They soon discovered he was injured so one of them climbed back up the chute to get cell phone coverage and made a 911 call for help.

The Summit County Rescue Group sent a flight for life helicopter to the scene, where paramedics safely rescued the man.

The flight paramedic on scene, Kevin Kelble, release in a statement that the slide was 15 feet at the top, expanded to about 70 feet wide at the toe and was 500 to 600 vertical feet in length.

All three skiers were trained in avalanche safety and were carrying beacons, probes and shovels.

Summit County officials have not released the man's name or his injuries, but he is expected to survive.

The Denver Post reports:

There have been seven avalanche incidents and one close call reported in Colorado in October, Spencer Logan of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center said in the release.

Nine people have been caught, three of them partially buried and two of them fully buried, Logan said.

Based on statistics provided by the CAIC, reports of avalanche incidents and accidents during the month of October are rare.

Over the last 10 winters, 25 people have died each year in avalanches in the United States. Last winter four people in Colorado were killed in avalanches.

With the coming of winter and increased avalanche dangers, we put together some of the craziest footage of avalanches. Vote for the craziest clip below.

Craziest Avalanche Footage

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