03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gordon Brown: Murdoch's Sun Trying To "Become A Political Party"

Another international leader has come out attacking a Rupert Murdoch-owned media outlet as a political operative.

As the White House continues its war against Fox News, accusing it of being the research arm of the Republican party and not a legitimate news organization, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has accused Murdoch's Sun newspaper of trying to "become a political party."

The Sun turned on Brown and the Labour Party in September, endorsing Tory candidate David Cameron in announcing that "Labour's Lost It."

"I have a lot of admiration for Rupert Murdoch personally," Brown told Piers Morgan in an interview to be published in GQ later this week. "His family come from not far from mine in Scotland, and his attitudes to hard work and getting on with things you can only admire. But the Sun has tried to become a political party. It's not personal about Rupert, he's always been very friendly to me. I think the Sun's made a mistake but that's up to them."

Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff has posited that Rupert's son James was behind the Sun's endorsement, but Brown told Morgan he is not as sure.

"I don't know [who made that decision], but it doesn't matter because the people will decide what happens at the next election, not the Sun," Brown said. "I think the Sun tried to become a political party that day and that was a terrible mistake. And I suspect over time that their readers will think that, too."