03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Week In Impact Blogs: Good News In Afghanistan, Struggles In Uganda, And Empowering Impoverished Kids

This week's Impact blog posts covered a typically divergent range of topics, and as anyone who's kept up with the American news cycle of late knows, there's often very little time to consider one topic before the next one pops up. Our dedicated Impact bloggers have, however, given us reason to pause and think more critically on several oft-overlooked issues, both domestic and international.

Here are some of this week's best blog posts:

Melissa Fitzgerald: Though best known for her role as Carol on The West Wing, social activist Melissa Fitzgerald has spent much of the last several years bringing attention to the humanitarian crisis in northern Uganda. She advocates for Voices of Uganda, which works to use the power of media to tell the stories of children and teenagers struggling to survive.

Mark Shriver: As the managing director of U.S. Programs for Save the Children, Mark Shriver announced a school-based art contest that encourages kids to use the image of a heart to promote unity, loyalty and responsibility. He believes these sorts of art projects can be a great force of creativity for low-income students.

Cameron Sinclair: Early in the week, Impact highlighted some good things going on in Afghanistan amidst all the bad news. One of those stories was detailed by Cameron Sinclair: Skateistan is the first co-ed skate park in Afghanistan, and helps neighborhood children develop healthy habits and civic responsibility.

Kathy Eldon: The founder of Creative Visions Foundation, Kathy Eldon interviewed Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of Jacques Cousteau, on his organization EarthEcho International and the Water Planet Challenge. An avid environmentalist, Cousteau urges young people to take environmental action in their communities.

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