03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Andrew Ross Sorkin Called "Financial Equivalent" To Judy Miller By NYT Colleagues

Some of his antagonists in the newsroom wonder what, in the end, his privileged access is in the service of. "It's the Jon Stewart question," one senior Times staffer said, referencing Stewart's memorable takedown of CNBC's pre-meltdown boosterism. The squawking, which is loudest among the reporters on the business staff and not among higher-ups, has lately gotten louder, and meaner. As Sorkin's career has burgeoned, he's developed another audience of close readers: his colleagues, who comb the column for evidence of favor-trading. In conversations with me, several compared Sorkin's relationship with the Wall Street elite to disgraced former Times reporter Judith Miller's alliance with Bush-administration officials peddling bogus intelligence in support of the Iraq War. "She got too close to her sources," a veteran Times staffer told me. "It was disastrously wrong and we let our readers down. This is the financial equivalent of that."

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