03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dakota Fanning Talks High School, Boys, 'Twilight' (PHOTOS)

Dakota Fanning covers the new Teen Vogue and inside poses for a leggy photo shoot. She also talks about high school, cheer leading, boys and playing Jane the Volturi vampire in 'Twilight: New Moon.' Here are some highlights:

On going to high school (she's a junior at a private school in LA):
"I started there in the ninth grade, and they were pretty receptive to me right away. I really wanted a home base, because I feel like no matter how old people are, they remember homecoming. They remember their senior prom. And I really wanted that."

On her dating experience:
"One boy from my school. I have a small class, so the pool is very limited. Everyone kind of knows everyone."

On costar Kristen Stewart:
"We became really close, like we'd known each other for our whole lives. We talk all the time."

Here's one photo. You can see the rest and read the Teen Vogue interview here.

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