03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

iPhone Art: Incredible Drawings Made On iPhones (PHOTOS, POLL)

For its November 16, 2009 issue, New Yorker magazine featured an image of the New York skyline at night, with one unusual twist: the image was created not with brushes, pastels, or pencils, but on the iPhone.

Jorge Colombo, an artist, drew the cover using Brushes, an iPhone app.

He's not the only artist to use the Brushes application to "finger paint" these mobile masterworks.

We asked HuffPost readers to submit their own iPhone artwork, made with apps, iPhone cameras, and their imagination, which we've featured in the slideshow below. From portraits to landscapes, still-lives to abstract works, the iPhone "paintings" are colorful, moving, creative, and absolutely worth a look!

Check out some stunning examples of iPhone sketches in the slideshow below, be inspired, and then send us your own!

iPhone Drawings(CLONED)