03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Tancredo Governor's Race: Former Congressman Says "I Think I Will Run"

Former Congressman and and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo told Westword Thursday that he will likely enter the race for Governor of Colorado, challenging former congressman Scott McInnis for the GOP nomination.

Rumors that Tancredo, an outspoken conservative famous for making brazen comments, would enter the race surfaced earlier this week, when Colorado Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, whom he supported, dropped out of the race.

Tancredo told Fox 31's Eli Stokols on Wednesday "I've said all along that if Josh wasn't in the race, I would be," Tancredo said. "Now, he's no longer in the race. So stay tuned."

Today, Tancredo told Westword's Michael Roberts:

"I'm in the precarious position of saying, 'Yes, I want to run. I think I will run. But no, I can't tell you I am running... It's a weird thing, but it happens in politics."

Penry has thus far refused to endorse McInnis, saying he "want[s] to know more about the agenda that he's going to bring to the office." State GOP chair Dick Wadhams has said "there is plenty of time for another candidate or candidates to get into the race."