03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Boulder School Kids Reject Healthier Lunches

After spending hundreds of thousands to revamp their in-school lunches, the Boulder Valley School District may be learning the hard way that kids will be kids.

A recent AP story reports that hot lunches in Boulder schools now avoid processed food in favor of fresh fruits and whole grains. The result?

Hot lunch sales are up among middle- and high-school students. But among the elementary school set, who make up the largest percentage of hot lunch customers, hot lunch sales are down.

According to the Daily Camera, a nutrition consultant hired last year to revamp the school menus.

Boulder Valley launched its overhaul last year by hiring Cooper's consulting firm, Lunch Lessons LLC, to review the district's food options... Children get pesticide-free milk from Colorado dairy farms, whole-grain breads, fresh Mexican food once a week and all-natural pizza. The eventual goal is to move entirely to scratch cooking at all the district's schools.