03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Olbermann: Send Dobbs To Telemundo

After briefly responding to the news on "Countdown" Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann expanded on his thoughts about Lou Dobbs leaving CNN Thursday in Politico's Arena.

Olbermann said that Dobbs is plagued by "the ultimate self-contradiction" — while he rails against illegal immigrants, his wife and daughters are Hispanic and his daughters are competitive horse riders, a sport that is staffed heavily by undocumented immigrants.

If that isn't the ultimate hypocrisy, it must be the ultimate self-contradiction and very painful psychologically," Olbermann said.

"I worked with Lou as long ago as 1981 and I never heard any of this back then," he added.
"He's always been a bully and one of those put-up-your-dukes clowns, but I think the immigration stance was mostly opportunistic. The insincerity of the xenophobia would explain how he went from 2nd place to 4th. As to what he should do next, his soul would benefit from a few years at Telemundo."

Watch Olbermann's commentary on Dobbs from "Countdown" Wednesday, where he named him one of the worst persons in the world: