03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Award-Winning Health Care Ads? A New Kind Of Clio Award (VIDEO)

While health care reform continues to be something of a national obsession, ad industry bigwigs were recently honored with the first-ever Clio awards in the health care category.

Slate breaks down some of the winners which were announced on Friday night in New York City. The event honored the top advertising campaigns in the health care industry, with separate categories for Television/Cinema/Digital, Print, Innovative Media and more.

Slate contributor Seth Stevenson called the awards "a sort of Paralympics of advertising," noting the difficulty for pharmaceutical ads to compete at the regular Clio Advertising Awards due to FDA regulations requiring pharmaceutical ads to list their often not-so-pleasant (and numerous) side effects.

Ambien's "Silence Your Rooster" campaign took home "Best of Show" in addition to earning the top prize in the Television category. (To view the ad, you can visit their website and check out the videos at the link above.)

Below, we've compiled some of the other award-winners, including two commercials from GE that bring modern health care to rural India and China, and an ad for Nuva Ring, featuring a swimsuit-stripping synchronized swimmer. A complete list of the Clio Health care winners of 2009 is available here.

Which ad is your favorite? Check out our video slideshow below and vote for the best spot.

Clio-Winning Health Care Ads

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