03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lou Dobbs On "Daily Show": Mariachi Band, CNN's "Flavorless Gruel Of Journalism" (VIDEO)

Lou Dobbs continued his post-CNN media tour Wednesday with a stop at "The Daily Show."

Jon Stewart greeted Dobbs with a Mexican mariachi band — a clear reference to his stance against illegal immigration.

Dobbs took it in stride, laughing and saying the band "could play at any party."

Discussing his departure from CNN, Dobbs repeated the talking point that he and CNN are heading in different directions, citing CNN/US President Jon Klein's decision to practice "middle of the road journalism" instead of Dobbs' "advocacy journalism."

"You sure it wasn't adult contemporary journalism?" Stewart asked. "He really said, 'We're moving towards middle of the road journalism?' A flavorless gruel of journalism?"

Stewart also joked that the direction CNN is going in is "down."


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